This Driver Covered Their Windscreen In Stikeez And Police Are Not Amused

Police have had to remind drivers of the road rules after finding a car with its windscreen covered in the Stikeez promotional toys from Coles.

The photo of the car was posted on social media by NSW Police, with a warning to make sure windscreens are left clear.

"It's always important to have a clear view out of the front windscreen and 'Stikeez' are not meant for the windscreen," NSW Police said.

It's just the latest basic safety warning that police have had to issue, after a string of bizarre and dangerous incidents captured on roads

Earlier in the month, police were left "shaking their heads" after a driver was spotted watching 'Married At First Sight' on their phone while behind the wheel.

The person copped a $337 fine and lost three demerit points.

Watching TV and film while driving is not restricted to NSW, with drivers in Victoria also been caught doing the same thing.

Last year, Victoria Police caught a 35-year-old man watching a film on his phone while driving.

"Driver detected with phone on lap watching Steven Seagal video on YouTube," the ticket said.

In Queensland, police were left stumped last year, when they caught a truck tray loaded with another truck that had been loaded with a car.

"A driver found himself in a stack of trouble after traying way too hard on the Cunningham Highway at Aratula," QLD police said.

There was also a driver in NSW who was charged after towing a boat with a mobility scooter.

The man was fined $1100 and given a six-month license suspension.

Image: NSW Police

Speaking of boats, police continue to fine people for unsecured boats that have been left behind by unaware drivers.

In January, South Australian Police were called to a boat that had "slipped its moorings" at a main intersection in Wingfield.

Amazingly, the driver had no idea he was missing a boat.

Image: SA Police