Man Drove Down Wrong Side Of Road In A Bid To Avoid The Tolls

This was allegedly all about trying to save money, but it landed him in custody.

But instead of avoiding tolled roads, it appears Frank Mollica,  entirely avoided the section of the road where tolls are collected.

Mollica allegedly drove onto the motorway via the off-ramp in Hammondville and travelled 13 kilometres east-bound on the wrong side of the road before he attempted to get onto the correct side.

Police were called to the scene on Sydney's M5 Motorway highway on Saturday afternoon, where they found the car still on the wrong side of the road, perched on the median strip.

One lane was blocked off while police worked to ensure the area was safe. Luckily Frank, the driver of the car, nor any other motorist was injured in the dangerous incident.

Frank Mollica talks to Police after the incident. Image: Supplied.

"I was trying to avoid the toll and come over this little bit in the middle and it didn't work," Mollica told media while sitting on the very median strip he had tried to drive over.

"I'm surprised I survived it," he said.

Mollica said cars on the other side of the road were approaching him at 90 kilometres an hour, but they managed to miss him.

"You know what, I don't even know because didn't even damage that side of the car so I don't even know how I got up here. I was just trying to jump it really."

Highway Car
The car on the highway barrier. Image: Supplied.

Paramedics took Mollica's blood pressure and assessed his health before he was arrested by police. He was also tested to determine if any drugs or alcohol her in his system.

Mollica said he had recently taken drugs.

"[I had] a bit of speed in the last two days. Just at a party," Mollica said.

"I wouldn't do this again no way. That's the last I'd do."

Police told 10 daily they are awaiting results of the blood and urine tests before charging him.

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