WARNING: Fish Hooks Hidden In Dog Treats On Popular Walking Tracks

Baits with hidden nails have been discovered targeting dogs.

Randwick City Council in Sydney put out a warning to all dog owners and locals to be vigilant while walking their dogs.

"Some dog baits with nails hidden inside have been discovered along the coastal walk between Coogee and Ivor Rowe pool," the council said in a Facebook post.

Photo: Facebook

"Please look out for your pooches and share this information".

Comments on the post pointed out that the nails are actually fish hooks, as a woman who had found them posted on Facebook.

Others had also come across them.

'We found them too' said one post with this photo. Photo Facebook

The act has left people furious.

"This infuriates me, sick people," said one online commentator. 

Others shared their concern about a pup possibly ingesting one.

It's not the first time someone had targeted pups. Last year two unrelated incidents of dog baiting in NSW and Queensland sparked warnings from councils and the RSPCA.

A woman was left shocked when a walk in the park with four-year-old dog Lola ended in her beloved pet being rushed to the vet, after swallowing meatballs laced with rat poison.

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The meatballs that put Lola in hospital.