This Convenience Store Clerk Doesn't Have Time For Your Armed Robbery

CCTV has captured the moment a store clerk remained cool, calm and collected as two brazen thieves threatened her with a gun.

Queensland Police are appealing for information after two men robbed a store at gunpoint in Deeragun, Townsville on Monday night.

Footage of the incident shows the pair -- with the hoods of their jumpers pulled tightly over their faces -- jump on and over the counter, while threatening two staff members with a firearm.

One of the staff members however, managed to keep it together long enough to push a distress button behind the counter.

The woman quickly turned and walked behind the counter with a drink in hand, only stopping when the gunman pointed his weapon directly at her.

As soon as he turns his attention to the cash register, she steps forward and presses the button while watching on.

"How laid back does the female staff member seem?" one comment on the Queensland Police Facebook page said.

"Got the Slurpee in one hand, casually hits the panic button. It's like seen it all before."

The men fled the premises with a sum of cash. Police are still investigating.