Knife-Wielding Man Tasered Outside Police Station

CCTV has captured the moment a man was shot with a taser gun after brandishing a knife at police officers.

Police said two officers were walking towards the entrance of Granville Station just after 7:30am when the man approached them.

CCTV showed a 38-year-old man, dressed in a blue hooded jumper, walking towards the officers. Police began to back away, with their weapons drawn.

"These two officers confronted the male with a firearm drawn and a taser and acted very professionally and with a good deal of restraint," Assistant Commissioner Peter Thurtell told reporters.

Image: provided

Around 10 other officers -- some with guns drawn -- rushed to the scene.

Officers repeatedly instructed the man to drop his knife, police said, but when he refused, one officer deployed his taser

After being incapacitated, the man was taken into the station then transported to Westmead Hospital.

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He was briefly treated before being returned to Granville Police Station, where he is expected to be charged.

A subsequent search of the man's house did not reveal any possible motivation for the attack and there is no indication that it was terror-related, Thurtell said.