Man Allegedly Digs Bunker Under House To Grow Marijuana

A man has been arrested after a bunker, dug by hand and allegedly used for growing hydroponic marijuana, was found on a Cairns property.

Queensland Police, acting on a public tip-off, executed a search warrant on a shed on the property on Thursday.

A tool box inside seemed "out of place", police said, arousing suspicion when officers could not move it.

Image: QLD Police

Further investigation found the tool box to have a false bottom that hid an access to an underground bunker, QLD Police Detective Senior Sargent Kevin Goan told media.

Inside the bunker, police allegedly located seven hydroponic cannabis plants.

The bunker, which measured nearly two metres deep, was believed to have been dug by hand.

Image: QLD Police

"There were a number of plants that were located, and by the nature of the work that had been undertaken, plus the set up, we would suggest that it is part of an ongoing criminal enterprise," Goan said.

He added that the reported find was "out of the ordinary".

Image: QLD Police

"It (the bunker) shows a significant degree of sophistication... and a fair bit of commitment," said Goan.

The man has been charged with producing cannabis, possessing cannabis and possessing a property suspected of being used in the commission of a crime.