Swim Instructor Charged Over Alleged Sexual Abuse Of Two Girls

Detectives have charged a 20-year-old swimming instructor with the alleged sexual abuse of two young students at a pool.

The man is alleged to have sexually abused two girls -- aged six and eight -- on three occasions during lessons at a swimming centre in Mosman, in Sydney, last month.

NSW Police Detective Superintendent John Kerlatec said the brave efforts of the young victims who came forward allowed the Child Abuse and Sex Crimes Squad to commence its investigation.

"These young brave kids put their hands up to mum and dad and said something happened. Police were called and were able to investigate and identify the person responsible," he told reporters on Wednesday. 

Kerlatec said the parents first contacted the swimming school, who immediately suspended the instructor and contacted the Family and Community Services helpline, notifying police.

The man was arrested at a home in Balgowlah on Tuesday and charged with two counts of intentionally sexually touching a child under 10 years and one of sexual intercourse with a child under 10 years.

Police will allege the offences occurred over two days, about one-and-a-half weeks apart, with one incident allegedly occurring inside the pool.

Kerlatec would not provide further detail on the other incidents but claimed they occurred "during and around the time of the swimming lessons".

The offender was refused bail to appear at Manly Local Court on Wednesday, as police investigations continue.

The 20-year-old man was arrested at a home in Balgowlah on Tuesday. Image: NSW Police

Detectives have collated a volume of evidence, including the testimony of the children, police said, adding their parents will form part of the investigation.

"I don't know what the parents saw or didn't see. They have been spoken to and offered support," Kerlatec said.

He encouraged parents to have conversations with their children about coming forward.

"Sadly we see these matters reported to police far too often," Kerlatec said.

"We need kids to be brave, to be educated, we need to know they’ll be supported if they do put their hand up and that we can commence an investigation to identify the person responsible and put them before the courts to where they belong."

The Child Abuse and Sex Crimes Squad deals with matters against children and adults, including sexual assault, serious physical abuse and neglect. 

Anyone with concerns about suspected child abuse or exploitation should call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. 

Featured image: NSW Police