'You Don't Get A Discount Because You're Elderly, That's Ridiculous'

A child abuse victim and advocate has been left dismayed at the "outrageous" sentence delivered to George Pell, saying the Cardinal's jail term was a "disgrace".

Michael Advocate spoke to Hugh Riminton on Studio 10 outside court, immediately after Judge Peter Kidd sentenced Pell to six years in jail, with a non-parole  period of three years and eight months.

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Advocate, whose pictures were beamed around the country during the live coverage of the sentencing, said he thought the sentence was a inadequate.

"It's absolutely outrageous. Every victim is sentenced to a lifetime of pain and suffering, we get a lifetime sentence. For their outrageous short-term gratification, they destroy us for life," he told Studio 10.

"He gets three years and eight months. I'm a typical victim, I've got 41 years to date. My life is just a disaster, every other victim I speak to is a disaster. How much do we have to suffer, how insulted do we have to be, before real justice occurs?"

Six years is a disgrace.

Advocate said he was not happy that the judge had taken Pell's advanced age, deteriorating health and lifetime of community service as mitigating factors to deliver a lesser sentence.

"Every paedophile should get an appropriate jail term reflective of the lifetime of damage they cause to their poor innocent victims. It's got nothing to do with what Pell has done with his life before or after," he said.

Michael Advocate outside court after Pell's sentencing. Photo: 10 News First

"He has destroyed two young boys' lives. If he's done nothing else, that's a terrible terrible evil thing to do, and for that, he gets less than four years actual jail time? And he gets a bonus because he got discovered later in life than earlier in life? It's irrelevant what age he is."

"You do the crime, you do the time. You don't get a discount because you're elderly, that's ridiculous."

Advocate told Riminton that Pell should have gotten a higher sentence.

"He is guilty, he is a monster, he is a criminal paedophile. When are the courts going to sentence appropriately for the devastating damage they cause victims?"

Meanwhile, Lisa Wilkinson has questioned what message the "breathtaking" sentence may send to abuse victims who are considering coming forward.

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