CCTV Captures Terrifying Axe-Wielding Carjacking Of Mother And Children

A man who allegedly threatened a mother, with two children in the car, with an axe has been arrested by police.

The moment the man drove onto the lawn of a home in Chermside West in Brisbane was captured on CCTV. The man can be seen getting out of a car and approaching another vehicle where the mother is standing.

The man can be seen allegedly wielding the axe. The woman took her child from the back seat of her car as the carjacker placed his own belongings in the vehicle.

He then drove off in the mother's car.

Mother, Child Threatened With Axe
The moment a man allegedly threatened a woman. Image: Queensland Police

Police managed to track the man through the streets of Brisbane and Logan overnight. He allegedly carried out a series of other crimes, including threatening an elderly couple before stealing their car.

Police were alerted to the man's specific whereabouts when a member of the public reported seeing him.

In an attempt to stop the man, police laid tyre spikes on the road, but he managed to carry on allegedly committing his crime rampage. Police stopped the man at Eight Mile Plains.

Charges are yet to be laid.

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