'Daddy Please Don't': Bella Pleaded With Her Dad Chris Watts Before He Killed Her

Christopher Watts, 33, is currently serving three life sentences for murdering his pregnant wife and two daughters.

Watts murdered his wife Shanann and their two daughters Bella, 4, and Celeste, 3, and now details have emerged about the little girls' final moments.

Watts' video confession has been released by officials.

Lawyer Steven Lambert, is representing Shanann's parents Sandy and Frank Rzucek in a wrongful death suit and has spoken about the final moments of the mother and her daughters.

Watts killed his wife and daughters in August 2018. He appeared on the news shortly after news of their disappearance made headlines 'pleading' for their return.

It was then revealed that Watts had strangled Shanann then smothered his daughters as they fought for their lives.

Shanann Watts and her two daughters.

He disposed of the bodies at his former work, Anadarko Petroleum, an oil work site. The little girls were found in oil barrels while his wife was discovered nearby in a shallow grave.

He killed Shanann first then drove to the site with the little girls, with their mother's body wrapped in a sheet to the oil site.

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Now even more details have emerged about the brutality of the murders.

Sandy and Frank have watched the police interview with Watts and know the excruciating details of their daughter and grandchildren's final moments.

Frank Rzucek the father of Shanann Watts, left, and her brother Frankie Rzucek were in court for Christopher Watts arraignment hearing. Photo: Getty Images

Lambert had said the girls did not see their mother being murdered but there were signs that Bella, the oldest girl fought as her father smothered her after he had smothered her little sister with her favourite blanket.

According to NBC news it is after he had killed Celeste and dumped her body in the oil tank that he returned to the car to do the same to Bella, and she knew. She asked what happened to her sister then said, in a soft voice.

"Is the same thing gonna happen to me as CeCe."

Lambert said that at that point, Bella said, 'Please, Daddy, don‘t" and 'Daddy. No!' which were her last words.

He then killed Bella.

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The question for their grandparents, which haunts them, is did the little girls know what was going on during that 45-minute drive from their house to the oil field with their mother's body in the bed of his truck?

Christopher Watts is in court for his arraignment hearing at the Weld County Courthouse on August 21, 2018 in Greeley, Colorado. Image: Getty

During the interview, Watts admitted that every time he closes his eyes he hears his daughter's plea, the one she made before he murdered her.

He also mentioned that he and Shanann had a fight and she threatened to take the girls away after he told her he wanted a divorce.

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