Police Release Elevator CCTV Footage Of Missing Woman Samah Baker

Samah Baker hasn't been seen for two months.

The 30-year-old woman from Parramatta in Sydney was last seen in the early hours of January 5, when she was dropped off by a friend to her Early Street home.

Relatives reported her missing to police later that day when they couldn't get in contact. She hasn't been seen since.

Her disappearance is being treated as suspicious, and detectives from the Parramatta Police Area Command have spent two months trying to track her down.

They have now released CCTV footage of Baker entering and exiting an elevator.

Photo: NSW Police.

In one part of the footage, Baker -- who has shoulder-length dark brown hair and glasses -- is wearing a black top with white spots and denim shorts.

She is followed into the elevator by a man with a swipe pass, whose face is blurred. They exit the elevator at the same floor but leave in different directions.

In another part of the footage, Baker is wearing a light pink dress with her hair tied up. She is again followed into the elevator by a man, but it is not clear if he is the same man, as his face is also blurred. They both exit on the ground floor.

Photo: NSW Police.

Baker had attended a Friday evening service at St Michael's Catholic Church the night before she disappeared.

Her sister Elena told the Daily Telegraph it was not out of the ordinary for Baker to speak to their mum every day, and her disappearance was highly out of character.

Elena said their mother was hit the hardest by Baker's disappearance.

"There are no answers and it's hurting her," she said.

"No matter what Samah is going through we want her to know we love her more than anyone or anything."

Samah Baker has not been seen for two months. Photo: Supplied.

Early in the investigation, police extended their search interstate, with advise she could possibly be on the Gold Coast. Police were also told she had friends in Melbourne, and people across NSW, Queensland and Victoria were asked to keep an eye out for her.

Police will address media on Monday about her disappearance.

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