Thieves Come Undone When Trying To Sell Their Stolen Minenwerfer

Two men have been arrested after allegedly stealing a military-grade minenwerfer from the Australian War Memorial. 

'Minenwerfer' is the German name for a type of short-range mortar, which translates to 'mine launcher' in English. The minenwerfers were widely used by the Germany Army against the Allies during the First World War.

Victoria Police said the mortar was allegedly stolen between February 24 and March 2014 the area near the memorial. The item vanished and had not been seen since ... until now.

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The WW1 gun the thieves allegedly stole. Image: Victoria Police

The minenwerfer appeared for sale on a shopping website in January 2019, nearly five years after it went missing. After seeing the listing, Police executed a search warrant at a home in Winchelsea, about 100 kilometres south of Melbourne.

Two men, a 34 year old and 37 year old were arrested and are expected to be charged with handling stolen goods.

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