Caught On Camera: The Moment A Woman Steals A 98 Year Old's Wallet

A 98-year-old woman was shopping in a Western Australia supermarket when the unthinkable happened.

While she was making her selection from the fridge section in the Fremantle shop, an alleged opportunistic thief approached while her back was turned.

CCTV video appears to show a younger woman approaching the older lady's trolley and removing a wallet from her handbag. The woman fumbled the wallet as she allegedly attempted to take it.

The moment a 98-year-old woman had her wallet stolen. Image: Western Australian Police.

The 98 year old turned to see the alleged thief flee into an adjacent isle with her purse, but she could not stop her.

 The younger woman appears to hand the purse to a man also in the supermarket before she left the store. Western Australia Police are now searching for the pair at the centre of the alleged theft.

Police posted the video of the alleged crime to their Facebook page accompanied by three angry-face emojis and the Crime Stoppers number.

Police are searching for the man and the woman. Image: Western Australian Police.

Social media reaction to the video has been swift, with many condemning the act that targeted an elderly woman. People have called the alleged robbery "evil" and "disgraceful" on Facebook.

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