'It’s Coloured Pills That Kill': Accused Drug Dealer Wants Pill Testing

A man accused of dealing drugs at music festivals has sensationally blamed the government for lethal pills.

Billy Ciric was arrested at the Ultra Music festival on Sunday night, allegedly found in possession of 33 MDMA capsules.

But, according to him, it's not what's in the pill, but the colour, that makes it deadly.

"[The Government] should do pill testing because I think it's coloured pills that kill," he said.

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He’s among four accused dealers that faced court today.

Eren Aral, of Lidcombe, remains in custody after allegedly being found with methamphetamine and $2800 in cash.

Calls for pill and drug testing are growing (Universal History Archive/UIG via Getty Images)

Supply charges were also issued to 18 year-old Claire Nasr and 21 year-old Tonny Ho.

This comes on the eve of new regulations that are aimed at stopping drug deaths at festivals.

From Friday, new licensing rules will force festivals that the government has deemed high-risk to fork out for additional medical and security staff.

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The regulations, which some say will force the cancellation of events, are in response to five young lives lost this summer at Sydney music festivals.

"It's not about stopping the fun, it's about stopping people dying," Premier Gladys Berejiklian said.

"The Government was accused of being too heavy handed with high risk festivals but I think recent events demonstrate why we want to keep these festivals safe."

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At Ultra Music Festival on Sunday, 13 people were taken to hospital, including five in a critical condition.

Drugs are believed to have been a factor in nine of those patients.

An increased police presence coupled with a critical care medical team still didn't deter drug users though, with a quarter of the festival-goers who were searched being caught with illicit substances.

NSW Police searched 395 people and 98 had drugs. Of those, 29 were issued on-the-spot fines for possessing small quantities of drugs, 13 were given cannabis cautions, another 45 were charged with possession and 10 were charged with supply.