Career Criminal Guilty Of Another Murder, In Unprovoked Shop Stabbing

Douglas Johnson had just got out of jail when he stabbed David Morrison for no reason.

Morrison collapsed to the floor of a Campsie store and bled out in June 2017.

He was only stabbed twice, but his femoral artery was hit. He never stood a chance.

Johnson learned his fate on Friday, after a judge alone trial in the Supreme Court. The man is accustomed to being behind bars, after spending 22 years in prison for killing Peter Miller when he was a teenager.

Douglas Johnson (supplied)

At the time of that murder, he was on bail for nearly stabbing to death another victim.

The court was shown security vision of the attack, which Justice Stephen Campbell said showed Johnson ambush his victim.

"When he entered the accessory shop, the accused looked like a man bent on confrontation,” he said.

“The accused lunging or thrusting motions appeared quick and powerful. The confrontation was sought out and brought about by the accused.”

Johnson's victim David Morrison  (supplied)

The fatal stab wound was inflicted with a small fruit knife, but was enough to kill Morrison in June two years ago. On Friday, his mother was in court to see her son’s killer served justice.

The judge decided there was no reason for the killing, and that Johnson was so agitated, he convinced himself his victim was out to get him. Their meeting was a pure coincidence, and Johnson didn’t give a second thought to the shopkeeper or other customers when he launched the unprovoked attack.

“He appeared unsurprised and unconcerned about the deceased’s condition as he staggered away and collapsed on the floor.” Judge Campbell said.

He’ll be sentenced in May.