Hemp Farmers Politely Tell Thieves 'Our Crops Won't Get You High'

Thieves are stealing hemp crops from farms, leading to reminders hemp doesn't have the same recreational use as marijuana.

Hemp is useful for many things, from making a rope to tasty snacks, but one thing it won't do is get you high.

Producers in South Australia are asking thieves to kindly stop stealing their crops, because it's not the same as marijuana. Biosecurity SA has had to beg them to stop.

“This crop is essentially just like any other agricultural crop such as wheat or barley," said Michael McManus, the manager of rural chemicals operations Biosecurity South Australia.

Smoking hemp is more likely to poison you than get you high. (Image AAP)

While hemp is within the same family of plants as marijuana, the crops being grown in SA don't contain anywhere near enough of the necessary chemical found in cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), to get a person high.

"Anyone thinking of stealing industrial hemp plants to either consume or smoke will experience absolutely no ‘high’," McManus said.

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Anyone attempting to smoke the crops could -- as well as having a disappointing lack of a high -- actually get very sick.

"If crops have been sprayed any consumption could, in fact, lead to a risk of becoming seriously unwell due to potential pesticide exposure," McManus warned.

There are 11 legal producers of hemp in South Australia. (Image AAP)

There are currently 11 producers licensed to grow hemp in South Australia with the crops predicted to be worth $3 million annually within five years.

Thieves are being warned against any further attempts at making off with the crop.

“Police are aware that industrial hemp thefts are occurring and are monitoring the situation,” McManus said.

So, with any attempt to smoke the plant leading to no high, possible poisoning, probable prosecution and of course a distinct lack of the munchies the message is clear.

Stop stealing the hemp, please.

Feature Image: AAP

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