Anita Cobby's Husband On Killer's Death: 'One Down, Four To Go'

Michael Murphy, among the pack that killed Anita Cobby, is dead -- but no one is shedding a tear.

Murphy -- along with his two younger brothers Les and Gary, Michael Murdoch and ring leader John Travers -- committed the worst pack rape murder in Australia’s history.

The cold-blooded killers grabbed the 26-year-old nurse off the street in Blacktown as she walked home after getting off the train, on February 2, 1986.

They took turns raping her at knifepoint; tortured her; cut her throat, so she couldn’t tell police; then left her to die in a cow paddock at Prospect, on the outskirts of Sydney.

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Anita’s former husband John, when told the news of Murphy’s death on Friday, said he hoped Murphy suffered a lot of pain.

He added, “one down, four to go.”

Image: Twitter/ Steve Hart

It was a crime so sickening and shocking that even 33 years on, it enrages people.

Retired homicide detective Ian “Speed” Kennedy, who led the investigation to catch Anita’s killers, recalled the details on Friday.

“Five of them, holding a knife at her head, at her throat, cutting her throat. She's got marks on her fingers where she's grabbed at a knife and it's been pulled out of her hand," he said.

"She was dragged through a barbed wire fence. The terror that she went through is unimaginable.”

Sydney woman Anita Cobby with her younger sister Kathryn Szyszka. (AAP Image/Supplied)

Kennedy has no sympathy for Murphy, who died a slow death from liver cancer and was in and out of palliative care since September last year.

“Unfortunately, he hasn't gone through the fear that she must have gone through,” Kennedy said.

“He would have had some pain but the pain would have been medicated, not like the pain she went through having her throat cut.”

Kennedy doesn’t believe any of the men have ever shown any remorse.

“If they were remorseful they would have pleaded guilty. No, I don’t believe they are remorseful, in fact quite the opposite. They were laughing in court, they thought the whole thing was a big joke," he said.

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Image: AAP.

He also recalled how Murphy was arrested.

“I stood on his head, put a shotgun in one hand, patted him down, got him to put his hands behind his back and handcuffed him,” Kennedy remembered.

He said he wasn't tempted to pull the trigger, athough he reckons the mob would have if given the chance.

“We arrested some of these guys and took them back to the police station. The crowds were out there holding up signs like 'let us have them', and 'die you bastards’,” the veteran detective said.

“They started rocking the car, 'let us have them'. For the first time in that inquiry, I was quite worried”

Anita Cobby was a young beautiful nurse who devoted her life to helping others and was denied a beautiful life by a savage pack of killers.

To quote John Cobby again: “one down, four to go.”