The Search For 1970s 'Doodler' Serial Killer Who Preyed On White Gay Men

San Francisco police have announced a US$100,000 reward for the serial killer known as the 'Doodler'.

In the mid-1970's San Francisco's gay scene was on the lookout for a threat, a killer prowling in the night, known only as the 'Doodler'.

The unknown killer earned his name after he was seen doodling when he met a victim at a diner, who survived his attack.

He is said to be responsible for the murders of at least five and as many as 14 gay white men in San Francisco between January 1974 and June 1975.

A person of interest was arrested in 1976 but was never charged.

"These homicides... were gripping the community and there were many questions about why the victims were targeted and who the suspect may be," said Greg McEachern, Commander of the Investigations Bureau of the San Francisco Police Department.

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The five victims who police believe were killed by the 'Doodler' are linked by a number of similarities in all of their cases.

"They had similar injuries, including stab wounds to the upper chest and back, a similar weapon was used, in that a knife was used in those homicides and that all of the men who were victims were gay white men in San Francisco," said McEachern.

Greg Mceachern along with Inspector Dan Cunningham of the SFPD's Cold Case Unit. (Image AAP)

Two similar descriptions of the Doodler were given by two men who were assaulted outside the Fox Plaza Apartments in San Francisco by the suspected killer.

He was described at the time as a black male, aged between 19 and 25 with a lanky build, standing at around 180-183 centimetres.

A sketch was provided by one of the assault victims after he recovered from his wounds.

The Doodler Prowled San Francisco in the mid-1970s. (Image Getty)

"In that reward bulletin, you see the original sketch...and what would be a current picture of that individual today," said McEachern.

Police also revealed they have audio of a call made in 1974 to police regarding a possible homicide linked to the 'Doodler'.

The caller has not yet been identified and police have urged anyone who recognises the caller's voice to come forward.

Police also confirmed they are looking for the identity of a psychiatrist with the possible last name of 'Priest' who they say may have been treating the Doodler at the time of the killings.

This comes along with a revelation that DNA evidence has been submitted by the San Francisco Police.

"We offer rewards in homicides, in this case here there were five victims of homicides that we believe this individual was responsible for, we want there to be an incentive."

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