The Bizarre Story Of How Cops Found A Teen Who Escaped Custody

An unsuspecting 10 News First crew were caught in the middle of an alleged crime on Thursday when they were alerted to the whereabouts of a teenager who had apparently escaped custody.

Police and sniffer dogs converged on one of Adelaide's busy main roads on Thursday morning after a teenager allegedly escaped custody.

According to South Australia police, the 17-year-old was being transported to a charging station after earlier being arrested for breach of bail at Oaklands Park, when the alleged incident occurred.

The teenager, who was handcuffed, allegedly opened his door and ran off when officers briefly stopped their vehicle.

10 News First arrived at the scene while the search operation was in full swing and approached a man standing nearby asking if they what had happened.

Producer Gerda Jezuchowski told 10 daily the man told her police were looking for a man.

He then revealed he had seen the alleged escapee hiding behind a Landcruiser just metres away.

Jezuchowski said: "I said 'What? He’s there right now?'"

Image: 10 News First

“Yep I just saw him,” the man apparently replied, before confirming he was yet to report the incident to police and had chosen to tell Jezuchowski instead.

I reported it to police and we were right there as officers found him cowering behind the car, and made the arrest," Jezuchowski  said.

The 17-year-old is expected to be further charged with escaping lawful custody, and will likely be refused bail to appear in the Adelaide Youth Court later on Thursday, police said.

The officers' car was also involved in a minor collision with a member of the public's car after rolling forward as officers gave chase. No one was injured in the incident.

Featured Image: 10 News First