Festival Drug Crackdown: Seventeen Year Old Busted With 600 Pills

An underaged drug dealer has been caught trying to smuggle large amounts of MDMA into a Sydney music festival. 

A police crackdown at Sunday’s Rolling Loud Festival in Homebush saw 14 people caught with illicit substances; two were charged with supply including a 17 year old who had 27 MDMA tablets on them.

On top of that, police issued nine on-the-spot fines to those in possession of small amounts of drugs, a law that came into effect on Friday night.

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On Australia Day, across two festivals; Electric Gardens and Hardcore Till I Die, 47 people were slapped with the on-the-spot $400 fines while another 71 were issued court notices for having drugs on them and another eight were charged with supply.

Among them was a 17-year-old boy who was caught with nearly 600 pills on him.

Paramedics were also kept busy transporting nine party-goers to hospital, two were in a serious condition, but this morning they are all listed as stable.

Health officials say drugs were a factor in four of the nine presentations.

Rolling Loud was one of three festivals across the scorching Australia Day long weekend where authorities were concerned for the safety of attendees.

The New South Wales Government rolled out an emergency response medical team, consisting of critical care doctors and nurses who were there to assist any young person in trouble on top of the paramedics who are usually on hand.

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Police Minister Troy Grant told reporters on Sunday that making this team available and providing early intervention has saved many young lives.

“Obviously, the enhanced medical response and greater access to medical professionals has made a difference,” he said.

The Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, said the ”upped the ante” for this long weekend was one of many solutions to combat drug deaths at festivals.

“I know people are advocating one solution or another, but there isn’t one solution,” she told reporters when asked about her government’s long term approach for music festivals.

“This weekend, in particular, there was much more proactive information about the dangers of taking drugs and we do hope that means people are starting to get the message… it’s unfortunate that we’ve lost so many lives for people to start getting the message.”

The coroner is currently investigating the 5 deaths of young people at music festivals since September.