Not A Dealer: 80 MDMA Tablets Just For Me And Close Friends, Festival-Goer Claims

As he tried to enter the Lost Paradise festival in late December, Mark Burns was stopped by police. On him, they found six bags of cocaine and 80 MDMA tablets.

But the 23-year-old's barrister says he is no dealer, and that the drugs were all to be consumed by Burns himself and three close friends over the four days of the event at Glenworth Valley on the NSW Central Coast.

"I'd like to make it clear on behalf of my client that the ecstasy that he had on his person on that day at the festival was for his own use and three of his very good friends," said barrister William Barber outside Sydney's Downing Centre Court today.

"He was simply taking those pills in for his use and three of his friends. It was not to be disseminated amongst the people who were there for profit."

MDMA capsules. Credit: Positive Choices.

Burns -- from Elanora Heights in Northern Sydney -- has pleaded guilty to cocaine possession and MDMA supply, and will be sentenced on February 21.

If his barrister's claim is correct, that would mean each of the four friends intended to consume 20 MDMA pills and a bag and a half of cocaine each during the event.

Brisbane rugby player Josh Tam, 22, died after taking pills and drinking at Lost Paradise -- one of five young deaths at music festivals in as many months being blamed on suspected drug overdoses. There is no suggestion that Burns supplied the drugs which lead to Tam’s death.

Another three music festivals will be held in Sydney this weekend.

The "Hard Core Til I Die" rave at Olympic Park and "Electric Gardens" festival at Centennial Park will both take place on Saturday, while the "Rolling Loud" will take place at Olympic Park on Sunday.

The Lost Paradise festival on the NSW Central Coast. Credit: Jess Gleeson.

Mark Burns' barrister was asked what advice his client might have for those attending.

"Obviously they should be extremely careful not only of what they take with them but what they take themselves," Barber said.

"We've seen the terrible carnage amongst the young people that these illicit drugs with unknown materials inside them have caused."