'I'm Down, I'm Down': Dramatic Video Shows Cop Run Over By 'Stolen' Car

Police have released shocking footage of a disturbing attack on an officer which saw him knocked off his motorbike by an allegedly stolen car and left on the side of the road.

Senior officers have slammed the alleged attack as "disgusting", "abhorrent" and "callous" after the 50-year-old Queensland Police sergeant was left with a badly dislocated shoulder among several other injuries.

A second officer was also injured when he was allegedly bitten by the suspects when they were arrested after fleeing the car on foot.

The incident occurred just after 10pm on Wednesday night when the police motorcyclist spotted the car allegedly running a red light on Griffith.

In it were believed to be two men and a woman who had earlier attended a residence at Mount Lofty and allegedly threatened a man with a knife, demanding his Ford Falcon.

Queensland police allege the vehicle then turned right into Greenwattle Street and left into Hermitage Road before conducting a three-point turn.

Moments later the stolen vehicle allegedly crossed to the wrong side of the road before driving directly at the officer's bike.

Image: Supplied (Queensland Police)

The dramatic footage shows the moment the car and bike collide, hurling the officer onto the side of the road.

"I'm down, I'm down", the officer can be heard saying in the vision released on Thursday.

I can't use me left arm.

Police tracked down the car a short time later on a nearby street, where officers arrested the trio who had fled on foot.

The driver then allegedly assaulted and bit a police officer while being taken into custody.

A 20-year-old Toowoomba man and a 25-year-old Toowoomba woman have since been charged with one count each of armed robbery, burglary and unlawful use of a motor vehicle, while a 29-year-old Toowoomba man is in hospital under police guard.

Detective Sergeant Lew Strothfeldt said they were "extremely fortunate" the officer wasn't severely injured or dead.

"When an officer is bitten, it's not just the officer who's affected it's the family," Strothfeldt added.

Sergeant Brendan Harding slammed the alleged attack as "disgusting".

"Hopefully no further injuries will be identified, but at this stage we're looking at six to eight weeks, depending on surgery," Harding said of the injured officer.

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Featured Image: Supplied (Queensland Police)