MDMA Found Concealed In Champagne Bottles Being Imported From Europe

Australian Border Force (ABF) officials have found 96 litres of MDMA concealed in bottles imported from Europe.

The first bust was made on December 29 2018 by ABF officers at the international mail centre in Sydney.

The consignment of four bottles showed anomalies on an X-ray image, and further testing returned positive results for MDMA.

Image: Border Force

Since then, a further 23 champagne bottles have been found to contain MDMA.

Majority of the bottles were sent from Belgium, with smaller quantities arriving from the Netherlands, France and Germany.

The result is being called a "significant result" for public safety by ABF Regional Commander Danielle Yannopoulos.

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“We’ve seen how dangerous this drug can be. It can have a profound and tragic impact on individuals, families and the broader community," she said in a statement on Saturday.

"Our officers will continue to do everything they can to stop it at the Australian border, before it has the chance to cause harm."

Image: Border Force

Yannopoulos said the bust proved the ABF's detection methods were effective.

“ABF officers have cutting edge technology and unique skills at their disposal, giving them the ability to see further into each package," she said.

"This detection shows their methods are working -- even on highly sophisticated consignments.”

Image: Border Force

Investigations in to the attempted importations are ongoing and no arrests have been made.

In the 2017/2018 financial year, more than 3500 detections of MDMA were made by the ABF.

The drug was found concealed in shampoo bottles, coffee, chocolates and inside metal poles the ABF said.

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