Distraught Mother Asks 'Why, Why, Why?' Following Son's Brutal Murder

Today Alfredo Isho’s heartbroken mother, supported by relatives, returned to the scene of her son’s brutal murder to lay flowers on a bus seat outside a Bossley Park hair salon.

It’s the same seat that Alfredo, 20,  was treated by paramedics when he stumbled out of the hair salon after being stabbed once in the upper chest--but later died.

He was simply sitting in a barber's chair last Friday afternoon waiting for a haircut when he was brutally attacked without warning.

A devastated Mrs Isho told 10 News First she’s been coming to the scene every day since her only son was allegedly murdered by Fredon Butros, 18. Police arrested Butros a few hours after it happened just two kilometres away.

Mrs Isho was inconsolable telling 10 News First “I don’t understand why, we come here every day, every day we come here but we don’t know why, why, why.” she said.

Police have not revealed a motive but they say Butros did laps of the hair salon on his dirt bike before parking in a rear lane, then with his helmet still on he entered through the salon’s back door and stabbed Alfredo once through the neck and collarbone.

Police say Alfredo had been waiting for 45 minutes to get a haircut sitting in a barber’s chair near the rear door.

After checking CCTV in the area and talking to witnesses officers moved quickly to Butros mother’s house in nearby Tallowood Crescent where they claim they found a dirt bike with a large fan, which they say was an attempt to cool its engine and certain parts were removed also in an attempt to disguise the alleged getaway vehicle.

Police also say one side of the bike's engine was hot while the other was cold.

Yesterday afternoon about 3.40pm following a police appeal for more information officers moved in on a house on Castlereagh Street in Bossley Park arresting a 22-year-old  and a 17-year-old and charging them as accessories after the fact.

The man and the teenager appeared in court today with their matter adjourned till Monday to give them time to prepare a bail application.

Tomorrow Alfredo Isho will be farewelled by his large grieving family and friends his mother telling 10 News First.

“Tomorrow we lay my beautiful boy to rest and I want everyone to wear white not black to celebrate his life.”