Hunt On For Fox That Stole Irreplaceable Official Olympic Thongs

In less than half an hour, a brazen fox stole a priceless pair of thongs from the front porch of Amy McCann's house.

Amy McCann, a former Australian baseballer, had the priceless Olympic thongs stolen from her suburban Melbourne home in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

They may just be thongs, but for McCann they are an irreplaceable souvenir from the 2016 Rio Games.

McCann worked with the Australian Olympic media team that travelled to Rio, and brought them back as a gift for her wife.

"I'm devastated," she told 10 daily.

"They're the official thongs from the village."

Image: Amy McCann

McCann said they initially thought it was the work of a shoe thief that had been known to work in their area for the past few years.

We thought old mate thief was back, but it wasn't, it was fox-mate.

"So I checked the CCTV cameras, and saw that it was a fox."

The fox took the first thong at about 1am before coming back a few minutes later for the second.

Not settling for the pair of thongs, the fox also took a baseball from their front yard.

Image: Amy McCann

It is believed the cheeky fox has been casing their house out for a while.

"We think it came before, our sensor lights have been turning on at night," she said.

But the fox didn't leave the couple empty-handed.

"He dropped a dead possum or rat off before he stole the thongs."

Feature Image: Amy McCann