More Than $12 Million Worth Of 'Liquid Ecstasy' Seized

Police have seized what may be Australia's largest ever haul of a liquid dance-party drug referred to as "coma in a bottle".

The 4,000 litres of GBL -- short for gamma butyrolactone -- arrived in Sydney on a ship from China on December 18.

It was inside 20 barrels marked as "liquid fertiliser".

The drugs have been undergoing forensic examination since they were seized, although police are yet to make any arrests.

Photo: NSW Police.

It's understood the haul equates to one million individual doses of the drug, which is also referred to as liquid ecstasy, fantasy and juice.

GBL is often taken with other drugs or alcohol.

On the street, the haul would be worth in excess of $12 million.

Police say their investigation began in 2018, when they began examining patterns of importations from China to a number of companies in Sydney's south west.

The seizure follows a string of deaths from suspected drug overdoses at dance parties.

In early December, 19-year-old Callum Brosnan suffered a suspected overdose at the 'Knockout Games of Destiny' festival at Sydney Olympic Park.

Callum Brosnan was remembered as a "hard-working" and "highly-respected" teen who died after a "silly, stupid mistake".

Four weeks later, 22-year-old Josh Tam died after attending the four day 'Lost Paradise' event on the NSW Central Coast.

In September, 23-year-old Joseph Pham and a 21-year-old woman from Victoria died from suspected drug overdoses after attending the Defqon 1 festival.

The deaths sparked extensive debate about pill testing at music festivals.

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NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian last week said she would consider implementing pill testing, if she could be shown evidence that it saves lives.

However she said to date, she had not be provided with such evidence.

Her softened stance followed comments from the NSW Opposition Leader Michael Daley that pill testing "should not be off the table".

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