'A Word Of Warning': Needles Found Embedded In Melbourne Train Seats

Less than ten days into the year and needles have made their way back into headlines.

This time, they're putting at risk innocent punters on their way to work.

A Melbourne commuter issued a warning on social media after sitting on "around 20" sewing needles sticking out of a train seat.

“Word of warning when travelling on @metrotrains," Anthony Artusa tweeted on Tuesday.

"Had a lovely surprise this morning when I sat on a seat with around 20 needles sticking out of it #NeedlesOfMelbourne."

Artusa said he encountered the needles while travelling from West Footscray at about 7.45am.

The needles found in a Melbourne train seat. Image: Twitter

Victoria Police and Metro Trains have launched investigations into the incident, sidelining the train for inspection.

Inspector Andrew Gustke said CCTV footage appears to have revealed that at between 6am and 7am Tuesday morning, a male had got on at Watergardens station and sat on that same seat, stood up quickly and moved to another. This is being treated as an unreported incident involving the needles.

"We are treating this very, very seriously," Gustke told reporters.

"We have a number of leads but are also appealing for anyone who might have seen something or heard something or know something."

It is currently being treated as an isolated incident.

Last year the Australian strawberry industry was brought to its knees after the first of numerous needles pushed into strawberries were found in Queensland.

A two-month long investigation and more than 100 other contamination reports later, a Queensland farm supervisor was charged with seven counts of contaminating goods.