Motorway Facebook Stunt 'Stupidest Thing' Police Have Ever Seen

A car hurtling the wrong way down a busy motorway has been filmed in what police are calling the “stupidest thing” they’ve ever seen.

Footage has been shared on Sydney-based Facebook pages showing a car speeding down the wrong side of the M5 motorway in Sydney, directly into oncoming traffic.

The car, with headlights on, is seen driving in the breakdown lane on the wrong side of the road around 10pm on Sunday night. Another car, travelling on the correct side of the road, films the incident.

The car was said to have entered the M5 at the Henry Lawson Drive exit at Milperra, in Sydney's south-west.

Police said it then headed five kilometres along a skinny road shoulder to the Moorebank Avenue exit, where the driver made an abrupt u-turn in front of an emergency vehicle and then heads in the correct direction eastward.

The car, barely missing a truck

Video of the stunt -- which appeared to be first posted to Snapchat, before being shared on other social media platforms -- shows the car narrowly avoiding a head-on collision with a large petrol tanker truck.

Police believe the offending car and the person filming the incident were working together in "an operation". The angle of the footage suggests the person filming the incident was in the driver's seat of their car at the time.

"This could have been catastrophic," said NSW Police chief inspector Phil Brooks.

"This is probably the most stupidest thing that anyone could do, driving down the way wrong way in the breakdown lane on one of Sydney's busiest roads."

"It's just unacceptable."

Brooks said police were looking at on-road safety cameras and CCTV from local businesses, and asked for drivers who may have been on the road at the time to come forward with any dashcam footage.

"This is probably the most significant issue I've seen in my time," Brooks said.

The footage was filmed from another car on the correct side of the road

The police officer spoke of how disappointed authorities were at the actions of those involved, and also added that many comments on online versions of the video were also critical of what Brooks called a "stunt".

"Psychos on the road putting us all at risk," read one comment on a local Facebook group.

"This is not cool or funny! People want to risk [their] own life fine, don't do it at someone else's expense," wrote another person.

Another comment read simply "WTF".

"Not even the people on Facebook accept this behaviour," Brooks said.

"These two drivers probably think they're pretty funny, they're pretty smart. Well they're not."

"We've really just got to stop this very quickly."

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