Motorcycle Nabbed With A 'Speed Measuring Evasion Device'

A NSW man has been docked nearly 20 demerit points and fined more than $2000 after attempting to evade police with a prohibited speed measuring evasion device.

Officers from North Shore Highway Patrol attempted to check the speed of a motorcycle travelling along the Warringah Freeway on Friday, but were unable to get a reading from their speed measuring device.

After catching up with the bike on Willoughby Road, officers checked its speed at 106 km/h in a 60km zone.

The 26-year-old rider was stopped a short time later, and a subsequent search of the vehicle revealed speed measuring evasion devices fitted at the front and rear of the vehicle, police said.

There were also alert lights fitted near the instrument panel.

In NSW, drivers are prohibited under the Traffic Amendment (Speeding Anti-evasion Measures) Act 1998 to use a "speed measuring evasion article", such as radar detectors and radar jamming devices.

These devices are designed to either detect or interfere with speed measuring devices, such as the handheld laser guns officers use.

Radar detectors are illegal in all states and territories except Western Australia.

However, the devices can be easily purchased online.

The man was handed a $903 fine and docked 10 demerit points for driving more than 30km/h over the limit, and fined a further $1757 and nine demerit points for driving with speed measuring evasion device.