$13,000 Of Firefighting Equipment Stolen From Rural Station

A defibrillator, a chainsaw, a car fridge, and a number of hoses and e-flares are among the vital emergency gear stolen from a rural Victorian fire station.

The volunteer-run Kilmore Fire Brigade has found itself the target of a burglary right as the state heads into bushfire season.

Last week, up to $13,000 worth of firefighting equipment was stolen from the fire station, including a computer and a camera.

In a Facebook post, captain Hayden Dally pleaded with the perpetrators to at least return some of the equipment, if not all.

"As you may have noticed, 70 percent of the items you stole from the Kilmore Fire Station are only useful if you are involved in an emergency," he wrote.

"I am pleading with you to not just disregard the items that you can't sell for quick cash, but to leave it in a place where the Fire Brigade is able to get it back."

A photo of the empty firetruck, with almost every single piece of the equipment gone. Photo: Facebook.

Some of the items stolen includes maps, documents, and whether analysis tools that are crucial for keeping the community safe.

"The CFA [Country Fire Authority] volunteers involved in purchasing these items have spent countless hours raising funds from the community to make sure that we can provide all the necessary resources when it comes to an emergency, not only within our community, but state and nation-wide as well," Dally continued.

"If anything, the Brigade would like if all the gear was returned, if not, at least the items that are of value to the Brigade only to be returned, so that our volunteers can spend time with their families rather than trying repair the problems created by this theft."

A spokesperson for the CFA could not confirm how much the stolen items were worth, but did tell 10 daily that in cases of similar theft, the items have usually been returned.

"It's hard to understand who did this or what their intention was," the CFA spokesperson said.

A spokesperson for Victoria Police declined to comment due to "operational matters".

Anybody with information is being urged to contact the police.

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