Teen Terrorist To Spend At Least 12 Years In Jail

He's an Islamic State supporter who was moments away from carrying out a terror attack, when police arrested him in south-west Sydney.

We can't tell you his name because he was just 16 years old, but he armed himself with a knife and planned to behead or stab someone in Bankstown - now he will spend at least 12 years in prison.

“I’m satisfied he was ready, willing and able to carry out a terrorist attack.” Justice Geoffrey Bellew said.

The court heard the teenager had bought four knives, downloaded ISIS propaganda and hated Australia’s government. One Islamic State magazine he read specifically encouraged murdering so called 'non-believers', in a series of public places including Bankstown - where he lived.

He was arrested by police on the steps of a Bankstown prayer hall just metres from the local court and police station. In a backpack, he had two knives.

“He left the Musalla... he knew there would be people if he went within the immediate area... that he regarded would be evil.” Justice Bellew said.

He had visited a Bankstown gun shop twice, to purchase two sets of knives. When he bought the first pair, he told the shop assistant he was going pig hunting. The judge decided that this was in reference to police, because when officers arrested him, the teen yelled:

 “You’re all pigs, look at you like lambs to the slaughter. You’ll all die in the hell fire, you’ll be slaughtered at the hands of Allah.”

At his sentencing hearing in November, the teenager told the court he became an extremist due to family pressure - his step-father is a notorious terrorist, and his mother has been in trouble with the law too.

As a 12-year-old, he was seen at the Hyde Park riots holding up a sign that said; “Behead all those who insult the prophet”.

But Justice Bellew rejected that suggestion, saying the evidence overwhelming proved he was an extremist and had decided to commit a terror attack of his own accord.