Entire Field Of Garlic Stolen From Farm

Crime stinks!

An estimated $15,000 worth of garlic was stolen in a late night robbery from Leah McLeod's farm, South-east of Melbourne.

McLeod's farm, located in Emerald, was hit by thieves who made off with about 400 kilos of garlic, Police said.

All that remained after the late November theft were bulbs too small to be sold.

In a Facebook post McLeod said while the theft had been 'devastating and disheartening' she would be able to recover from the loss.

"I'm not giving up on my dream of becoming a successful farmer -- I'll be back with gusto and garlic next year," she said.

The family owned farm owner has seen donations of garlic given to her by other farmers and has even been advised to start a GoFundMe page.

However, McLeod posted that while she will be able to recover from the theft, other farmers were not so lucky.

She has asked people thinking about donating to instead give to organisations such as the Australian Red Cross to help drought-affected farmers.