Lynette Dawson's Family Speak After Husband's Arrest

Lynette Dawson's brother and niece have spoken after the arrest of her husband in relation to her disappearance in 1982.

Chris Dawson was arrested in Queensland on Wednesday and is expected to be charged over the murder of his wife Lynette. He will appear at Southport Magistrates Court.

The disappearance of Lyn Dawson -- a mother-of-two who vanished from Bayview in Sydney’s northern beaches in 1982 -- has captivated Australia and the world in recent times, with the case featured in record-breaking podcast The Teacher’s Pet.

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Speaking to Studio 10 on Wednesday, Dawson's brother Greg Simms said the arrest was "extremely important" to the family, proving she did not simply disappear or abandon her loved ones.

"[Lynette's] eldest [daughter] is fully aware of her mother, she's convinced her mother didn't leave her," Simms said.

"[Lynette] was planning my mum's 65th birthday. A person doesn't send out written invitations and how to get to the house, when she's thinking of leaving."

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He said the family had never given up hope that her disappearance would be solved.

"We've always had hope. That was the main thing with my sister and the rest of the family, to keep Lyn's name out there and to keep fighting for justice for her. It has taken a long time but we are there, we're on the home run hopefully and it's up to the court system now," Simms said.

"There's a hell of a lot of other people around Australia in the same situation as us in relation to a loved one going missing... we've fought to keep our sister's name out there and finally we've got some sort of justice on the way."

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Dawson's niece Renee Sims said Wednesday's events felt "like a bit of a dream."

"We've been waiting 36 years for something like this to happen, and for it to finally happen it almost doesn't seem real yet to me," she told Studio 10.

Sydney couple Chris Dawson and Lyn Dawson (nee Simms) married in 1970 when they were both 21 years old. Image: The Teacher's Pet

Both also praised media attention -- in particular, Teacher's Pet creator Hedley Thomas -- for helping the case along.

"It's just been phenomenal how this podcast has gone... it's gone haywire hasn't it?" Greg said.

"Without [Thomas], I really don't think we'd be where we are today, with him making this case so public and with all of you in the media picking up this case, and letting everyone know about it," Renee said.

"We won't be forgotten now, and it's thanks in part to you guys."

Chris Dawson's family said they were "disappointed" at his arrest.

"We have no doubt whatsoever that Chris will be found not guilty as he is innocent," his family said in a statement.

"We are disappointed at the decision of the DPP as there is clear and uncontested evidence that Lyn Dawson was alive long after she left Chris and their daughters."

"There will be no further comment. Please respect the privacy of Chris and his family."