Perth Man Pleads Guilty To Animal Torture

A man has pleaded guilty to a string of charges relating to one of Western Australia's worst animal cruelty cases.

Luke Kevin Dempster on Monday pleaded guilty to 12 charges at the Joondalup Magistrates Court.

The 26-year-old Perth man admitted to torturing a kangaroo with knuckle dusters on May 19, before killing it.

He was also involved in a separate attack on a kangaroo between May 19 and June 16, where the animal was also tortured and killed.

Luke Dempster leaving court.

Dempster also admitted to an attack on a chicken, as well as shooting three people with a gel gun.

He is one of four men who were allegedly involved in the kangaroo attacks that were filmed on a mobile phone.

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Magistrate Gregory Benn requested a verbal pre-sentence report and extended Dempster’s bail.

He will be sentenced on Wednesday.