Sydney Physiotherapist To Face Court After 'Secretly Filming Patients'

A Sydney physiotherapist is accused of using “hidden cameras” in his home and clinic to film female patients that had come to him for help.

Dr Andrew Weinzettel appeared before Fairfield Local Court today charged with 7 counts of filming women’s genitals without consent and an additional charge of installing cameras for that purpose.

Police allege he set up secret cameras, built into clothing hooks, inside the female changerooms of a physiotherapy clinic west of Sydney.

On those cameras, he captured two women, who even following these allegation, still don’t know they’ve been filmed.

It is believed the cameras had to have been there for the past three years.

He’s also accused of filming two more women on devices set up inside his home.

Andrew Weinzettel leaving court.

For legal reasons, the clinic cannot be named, but when 10 News First visited today, its patients were shocked by the allegations, and said they go to the physio “with trust” and that they “wouldn’t be happy” if someone had filmed them.

The clinic where police found the cameras released a statement this afternoon, saying their patients and staff have been assured that there are no other devices in the premises.

“We were shocked and appalled to learn that our patients’ privacy has been invaded in a place they had every right to trust and feel safe,” a spokesperson said.

His family home in Cecil Hills, where he lives with his wife and three daughters, was raided three weeks ago and his computer was seized.

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That was the first time his wife Mai was made aware of such allegations on the man she says is a wonderful husband and loving father to their three daughters.

“I believe he is a good husband…he’s a really nice guy… we have no idea (why),” she told 10 News First.

He pleaded not guilty to all eight charges and will be back in court in February.