'No Remorse': Milad Atai Laughs As He Is Sentenced For Role In Curtis Cheng Murder

Unrepentant until the end.

Not only did Milad Atai lack the decency to stand for the judge as his punishment was read out, but he yelled in another language -- and gave the ISIS one finger salute -- as he was led away from court.

His vile actions aren't surprising.

The now 22-year-old terrorist helped source the gun that was used to kill police accountant Curtis Cheng, in October 2015.

Today, he was sentenced to a maximum of 38 years in jail for it, as well as funding Islamic State.

Milad Atai. Image: 10 News First

Earlier in the sentencing, Atai was smiling and nodding his head at the judge's remarks.

But what makes it even worse for the Cheng family is that at the last hearing, Atai previously recounted his apology.

"His approach to the Cheng family is cruel and devoid of basic humanity.. linked to his warped and criminal belief system," Justice Peter Johnson said.

"No remorse, and no sense of decency...with no concern for fellow Australian citizens," he said.

Alpha Cheng. Image: 10 News First

Outside court, Alpha Cheng couldn't agree more.

"It is extremely cruel when you see there may be some hint of rehabilitation or some sort of remorse, and that's been whipped away from you," Cheng said.

"Regardless of the sentence, I don't think this will give them the punishment they deserve," he said.

Selena Cheng. Image: 10 News First

Selena Cheng, Curtis' widow, became emotional during the sentence.

"(I want to) say thank you very much for the support from everybody, and the understanding, that is most important for me to get healed gradually," she said.