Father Extradited To NSW Over 'Sacrifice' Death Of Baby Girl

The 48-year-old father of the baby girl found dead on a Gold Coast beach has been extradited to NSW to face a murder charge.

It's understood post-mortem results show the little girl drowned and may have been placed in the water at Tweed Heads, with her body eventually washing up 30 kilometres north at Surfers Paradise.

A homeless woman, Kirsty Davis, may have been the last person to see the nine-month-baby alive.

Davis claims the parents tried to hand the baby over to her, in the days before the alleged murder.

"On the Saturday, the mother and father, and passed it (the baby) into my arms," she told 10 News First.

"They discussed it with each other and they came back and said 'here's the time we've got to give her over.'"

Kirsty Davis may have been the last person to see the baby alive. Image: Channel 10

After holding the baby in her arms for awhile, Davis handed the baby back to her parents, only for the mother to try a second time hours later.

"I said I couldn't... I said 'you're the mother, you take care of her,"' she said.

The incident has caused 'emotional distress' for Davis, who wished she could have done more.

"I cry every day about her," she said.

The father's cousin, who cannot be named for legal reasons, blames herself for not helping more, after revealing the family had stayed with her in the lead up to the death.

"I blame myself, I knew there was a sign out there, that they needed help, I had them at my home, and I helped them," she told 10 News First.

"I gave her [the mother] my contact number, I gave her my address."

Police attend the scene where the baby was found.

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It is believed the mother is not facing charges and is in a mental health facility in Queensland.

The four-year-old son is now in the care of family services.

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