Boy Mauled By Neighbour's Dog, Hospitalised With Puncture Wounds To Neck

A little boy who was mauled by the neighbour's dog is only alive today because his mother and the dog’s owner managed to fight it off.

Police say the four year-old boy and his twin brother were talking to their neighbour on the footpath when the American bulldog launched at him.

The rabid animal went straight for the boy’s neck, only unlatching when the two women intervened, being bitten themselves in the process.

A neighbour heard the tussle with the large dog ‘Keely’.

“I just heard a girl screaming,” Puneet Matta told 10 News First.

“Initially, I thought they were playing with the dog but then I realised it was biting the lady.”

The boy was lucky to escape with non-life-threatening injuries, said paramedicsl. Photo: 10 News First.

Another neighbour and mum of four, Jessica Farrell, told reporters she had complained about the “scary dog” in the past.

“It was an accident waiting to happen, you could tell it wanted to get over the fence,” she said.

“It could have happened to one of our kids, that's really sad; I just hope that the boy's okay.”

The boy was taken to Westmead Children’s Hospital with bloody puncture wounds to the neck.

Treating paramedics said he’s "very lucky" the injuries aren't life-threatening.

“I think that, with them intervening they’ve saved the boy’s life,” Inspector Jennine Kiely said in a press conference outside the hospital.

The dog’s owner, Sarah Clinch, said Keely is a loveable pet but told reporters she couldn’t defend his actions because a child was almost killed.

She agreed to surrender it to council rangers where it's likely to be destroyed.

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Lead photo: 10 News First