Man Handed Three Life Sentences For 'Jealous' Triple Murder

Triple murderer Allan Geoffrey O’Connor has been handed three life sentences for murdering his former partner, her new lover and his son at a property in western NSW.

A Supreme Court judge on Thursday found O’Connor was motivated by “jealousy and humiliation” when he shot dead nurse and mother Rebecca Webb, Stephen Cumberland and his son Jacob at close range with a shotgun near Dubbo in 2015.

He then set a caravan alight, burning Stephen Cumberland’s body.

In sentencing, Justice Robert Hulme found O’Conner murdered all three victims “because of base jealousy and humiliation”.

“In other words because of his personal inadequacy. His thinking was that Mr Cumberland had taken a girlfriend off him before and now he had done it again,” the judge wrote.

“This angered and humiliated him.”

The bodies of Rebecca Webb, Stephen Cumberland and his son Jacob were found north-west of Dubbo. Image: 10 News First

Justice Hulme sentenced him to three consecutive life sentences, telling the court “there is nothing that mitigates the objective gravity of these most heinous crimes”.

“I am satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that Mr O'Connor's level of culpability is at such an extreme level that the community's interest in the combined effect of deterrence, retribution and punishment can only be served by the imposition of life sentences,” he said.

“I am not persuaded that I should impose anything less.”

Family members of the victims were in court today and previously read five victim impact statements, detailing their grief and loss.