Deborah Hutton's Ex Partner Pleads Guilty To Stalking Charges, Mental Health Bid Rejected

The former partner of media personality Deborah Hutton is pleading guilty to stalking charges, after his bid to have them dealt with under the Mental Health Act was rejected

Robert Dulhunty had claimed to be in a paranoid and agitated mental state when he staged a break-in at Hutton's home home.

A Waverley Local Court today heard Dulhunty made a fake phone call to Triple 0 and reported a burglar was making “meow sounds” at Hutton’s Bronte home.

He then left a “rape kit” for her to find, which police later discovered was purchased by him at a local shop.

Prosecutor Chris Davis today told the court Dulhunty was aware of his actions.

“It is a premeditated, planned, serious domestic violence offence that he’s been charged with,” he told the court.

“He went out there with the intention to scare the living daylights out of her.”

Dulhunty’s lawyer Bryan Wrench argued his client was suffering from depression and under heavy medication at the time and did not consider the consequences of his actions.

He told the court Dulhunty also suffers from Autism and does not have a full recollection of the offence.

“The process to execute the motive was irrational, disorganised and bizarre,” he told the court.

“It’s really indicative of his disorders state of mind, not appreciating the consequences of his actions.”

The court heard the relationship had broken down and Hutton had asked Dulhunty to move out of the Eastern Suburbs mansion.

Dulhunty has been charged with stalking Hutton and faking the home invasion to convince her to let him stay and protect her.

He pleaded not guilty.

Prosecutor Evans argued he was motivated by his desire to hold on to the “Eastern Suburbs lifestyle he’d become accustomed to”.

Magistrate Stapleton will decide on his fate this afternoon.

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