Suburban Home Shot Up By ‘Cowards’

A Mount Pritchard family has been left “dumbfounded” after their home was targetted in a driveway shooting - the second in just four weeks. 

The Commisso family had just turned out all the lights to go to bed when they heard three loud bangs, the sound of bullets penetrating their front glass door.

Three people were inside, Cosmo, Tracy and their son Sam and while no one was injured they knew instantly that they were the targets of a shooting.

The family wouldn’t speak with the media, or share the vision captured on one of their 10 surveillance cameras but their eldest son Emilio did have one thing to say about the gunmen.

“Cowards,” he said as he walked from the Townview Road property to his own, 50 metres away.

His house still bares the bullet holes from a similar shooting four weeks ago.

It’s not known whether these two shootings are linked.

The Commisso family

Someone close to the family told 10 News First, Cosmo spent seven years in jail and that the family has since turned their lives around.

Early investigations into the shooting suggest that the gunman was on foot and using a long-range rifle.

Many neighbours heard the shots being fired, but didn’t hear a getaway car.

“I heard three gunshots; bang, bang, bang” one neighbour told 10 News First.

“I knew it was close.”

Another neighbour said the street is becoming “dangerous”.

Police are asking any witnesses to contact Crime Stoppers.