Tinder Date Horror, Stalker Shown Buying Murder Kit Before Brutal Attack

Angela Jay breaks down as she tells court “I didn’t die, I felt like I was supposed to”.

Angela Jay and Paul Lambert met on Tinder, they dated for about six weeks before Jay decided things weren’t right. When the young doctor tried to break up with Lambert she had no idea he was a dangerous serial stalker who’d end up trying to kill her.

Lambert at the gun store.

About a month after she broke up with him, the 30-year-old lay bleeding out on her neighbour’s garage floor. She’d been stabbed 11 times in her own home and covered in petrol. Lambert was on the run, with police in pursuit. When they caught up with him, he came at officers with a knife and was shot dead.

A coroner is investigating Lambert's death and the months leading up to it. A court played eerie security vision of the 36-year-old buying a murder kit. He went to Bunnings first and bought duct tape, a utility knife and a hatchet on October 30, 2016. The next day he went to a Port Macquarie gun shop, he wanted to buy a gun but was refused because he didn’t have a licence, instead he left with a large knife.

On November 1, he went to a Caltex service station and filled up a jerry can. Then on November 3 he lay in wait at his ex-girlfriend’s home and when she returned from work he attacked.

“I think for me, after everything that happen. I basically felt like a murder victim for a while and I sometimes still do. It’s just really weird that I didn’t die I felt like I was supposed to,” Angela Jay told the coroner.

After Lambert poured petrol on her she says, she gathered the strength to run, knowing she was about to be burnt alive.

The obstetrician spoke about how at first Lambert was “charming” and made her laugh, “we kind of started dating like any couple… everything was going well”.

Lambert at Bunnings

But when Jay didn’t feel the same he went off the rails.

“At first when I tried to end the relationship he was just very upset, crying hysterically, we kind of went around in circles,” Jay said.

He called and texted her repeatedly and threatened to kill himself if she didn’t change her mind.

“He was on the streets trying to find a truck to jump in front of... I could hear traffic I was begging him not to”.

So she agreed to give things another go. Things got bad again very quickly and the young doctor ended things a second time. It was then the 36-year-old gave her a warning.

“It wasn’t until the night I applied for an AVO that he told me he’d previously stalked women and there was a side of him he couldn’t control.”

Jay went to police.

“I was worried what he was capable of and I felt trapped and I wanted to get away from him but I wasn’t sure how.”

Officers looked him up but couldn’t see his Queensland criminal history in their data base. Lambert had assaulted his ex-wife and was on probation – and there were at least 10 apprehended violence orders taken out to protect other women.

Lambert buying petrol at Caltex service station.

The police officers who shot dead Lambert are giving evidence too. They chased him up the M1 towards Coffs Harbour laying road spikes to blow out his tyres. When his vehicle finally came to a stop, Senior Constable Damien Buckley tried to negotiate.

“He kept repeating I want you to kill me. He repeated that over and over again.”

Lambert still had the knife and came at officers.

“I fired two rounds. It was in very quick succession. He stopped really still… his arm fell but he held the knife, it was very slow, then he dropped the knife and fell to the bitumen,” Buckley told the court.

Vision from a taser camera and dashcam from the highway patrol cars capturing the moments leading up the Lambert’s death were played.

Angela Jay calls police “heroes” and now focuses on campaigning to end domestic violence.

“A lot of victims don’t realise and it’s not just as simple as leaving and when you do you’re at a high risk of homicide.”

“There’s a lot of women in Australia getting stabbed or burnt to death. I felt like I owed it to all the women who did get murder to be their voice.”

At Coffs Harbour court yesterday Jay was heard loud and clear.