CCTV Captures The Moment Aussie Gangster Was Shot Dead

Warning: Graphic Video

A Greek newspaper has published video showing Australian underworld figure John Macris being gunned down outside his Athens home.

The video on the Kathimerini website shows only a portion of the CCTV, but it is believed Macris had just gotten into his car to leave home.

The Greek-Australian then stumbled from his seat, but the gunman followed continuing to fire until Macris fell to his death.

Courtesy: Greek City Times

Police say Macris was shot 4 times with a 9mm handgun last Wednesday night. His wife, reality TV star and model Viktoria Karida, was on a catwalk at the time.

The couple had two children.

John Macris

Macris was a well known figure in Sydney's underworld.

The 46-year-old had run ins with both Australian and Greek police. Detectives are now investigating whether his murder was linked to involvement in the drug trade or organised crime.

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