Police Investigating 'Highly Agitated' Men Seen Near Toyah Cordingley Murder Scene

Police have confirmed they're investigating claims of two "highly agitated" men spotted close to Queensland's Wangetti Beach, on the same day Toyah Cordingley was killed.

"Every single lead is being followed," a police spokesperson told ten daily, after a report in the Courier Mail newspaper which quoted witnesses as saying they saw two men panicking as they changed a tyre on a ute on the Captain Cook Highway on October 21.

One of the un-named witnesses said the men were "freaking out".

"It was strange behaviour, they were in a huge panic. It was just a flat tyre but they were really stressing out," the witness told the newspaper.

Twenty four year-old Toyah Cordingley's body was found on Wangetti Beach, north of Cairns.

Police said her wounds were both "visible" and "violent".

Image: Facebook/ Toyah Cordingly.

She'd been taking her dog for a walk around 2pm. Her body was found by her father in the sand dunes the following day.

The witness helped the men change their tyre, but they said the scenario didn't make sense.

“They were scruffy, all the camping gear looked like it had just been chucked in the tray in a hurry, not tied down, and their story didn’t add up," the witness said.

"Police are investigating that," a Queensland police spokesperson told ten daily.

"As with the numerous sightings and calls to Crime Stoppers and leads, they're following all of them."

On Monday, police released CCTV images of Toyah taken near Rusty’s Markets.

CCTV shows Toyah Cordingley on October 21 near Rusty’s Markets. Image: Queensland Police

The vision shows Toyah crossing at the intersection of Sheridan Street at about 12.40 pm on the day she died.

Detective Inspector Sonia Smith said police were hoping to jog the public's memory.

“Toyah was wearing light coloured crocheted singlet top and carrying a large striped colourful bag when she was at Rusty’s Markets and she was there for just over half an hour.

A photo of Toyah Cordingley's car. Image: Queensland Police

Police have also released an image of the 2009, blue, Mitsubishi Lancer sedan driven by Toyah, which was parked in the southern car park at Wangetti Beach on Sunday afternoon.

Anyone who saw the vehicle on Sunday from 12.00 pm to 7.00 pm is asked to contact police.