Soccer Star Found 'Almost Beheaded' With His 'Genitals Severed'

A football player has been found dead on the side of the road, reportedly "almost beheaded and with his genitals severed,"

The horrific scene shocked passers by who found the soccer star's mutilated body by the side of a deserted road on Saturday in Sao Jose Pinhas, a city in Brazil's southern state of Parana.

Daniel Correa Freitas, 24, is a midfielder for the Sao Paulo football club in Brazil. The club, one of the biggest in Brazil released a statement in the early hours of Sunday morning following the gruesome discovery of his body.

“The Sao Paulo football club deeply regrets the death of midfielder Daniel Correa Freitas. The club sympathizes and pays condolences to the athlete’s family.”

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The official cause of death is still being determined but according to the Legal Medical Institute of Curitiba, the cause of death was a gunshot wound.

Initial reports have suggested the 24-year-old may have been also tortured.

A detailed report published in a local newspaper Band B claimed a municipal guard stated “From the appearance of the body, it was a very violent situation. The man had two deep cuts on his neck, his head was nearly beheaded, and his genitals were severed

Image: Twitter @SaoPauloFC

"Everything indicates the man was executed here on the street and dragged for about 30 meters."

The football community is mourning the violent death of their beloved attacking midfielder who spent the last two years away from the club on loan  and was playing for Sao Bento at the time of his death.