"They've Said His Career Is Finished": Judy Davis Testifies At Geoffrey Rush Trial

Judy Davis says Geoffrey Rush had a "very serious heavyweight reputation" as an actor before a Sydney newspaper published articles about an allegation he behaved inappropriately toward a female co-star.

Following their publication, she's heard people say the Oscar winner's career is finished, the Federal Court in Sydney has heard.

The acclaimed actor was in the witness box at Rush's defamation trial against the Daily Telegraph's publisher, and journalist Jonathon Moran, over two articles and a poster about the 67-year-old actor.

Actor Judy Davis arrives at Rush trial. Image: AAP.

They related to an allegation Rush behaved inappropriately toward a co-star -- later revealed to be Eryn Jean Norvill -- during a Sydney Theatre Company production of King Lear in 2015 and 2016.

Nationwide News and Moran are pleading a defence of truth and Norvill -- who didn't speak with the journalist before the articles were published -- has agreed to give evidence.

Rush denies the claims against him and argues the articles portrayed him as a pervert and a sexual predator.

During her brief time in the witness box on Monday, Davis said she'd loved working with Rush, who had a "very fine reputation" before the articles were published.

The judge-alone trial continues.