Man Takes Car For A Dip At The Beach To 'Wash His Tyres'

A Port Macquarie man confused beach-goers after he drove his car into the water on Friday.

The bemusing incident happened at Shelly Beach, on the NSW Mid North Coast, and has resulted in the man facing a string of charges.

The 39-year-old man drove his Subaru into the water, doing laps along the beach before exiting.

Onlookers watch on as the car drives through the water. Image: James Godfrey

In the video, the laughter and confusion of those watching can be heard, as many voice their wonder at what he was doing.

Despite making it out of the water, the car was unable to be started after being parked in the beach car park.

Police from the mid North Coast Police District were called to the beach by onlookers, and were given an odd excuse by the man as to why he did it.

Police have confirmed with ten daily that he told them he was trying to 'wash his tyres and car'.

The car can be heard struggling to get through the water, and later was not able to be restarted. Image: James Godfrey

The man is now facing charges under the Recreational Vehicle Act and local Government Act, and Aldridge said investigations are ongoing.

Police told ten daily action would be taken against him and they were currently consulting with highway patrol.