The Woman Killed When Walking Her Dog Faced 'Violent' Death

Shocking clues have emerged surrounding the murder of a 24-year-old woman who was found dead on a beach.

Toyah Cordingley was walking her dog on Sunday afternoon when she went missing. Her body was found on Wangetti Beach in far north Queensland on Monday.

Toyah Cordingley's body was found on Monday. Image: Facebook/Toyah Cordingley.

Police have now revealed more detail about the circumstances surrounding the woman's death. Cordingley suffered "visible" and "violent" injuries Police told the Courier Mail.

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Police said they are treating the 24-year-old's death as a homicide investigation. The beach and the bush land in the area where Cordingley's body was found remain a crime scene.

On Tuesday evening, police divers searched the coastline, looking for items belonging to Toyah.

Police are treating her death as a homicide. Image: Facebook/ Toyah Cordingly.

Earlier, police confirmed Condringley's dog was found on the same beach where her body was discovered. They also said her death could have been sexually related.

“If we’re dealing with a potentially sexually related murder, which commonsensically we may be, we may well be dealing with a male,” Detective Senior Sergeant Ed Kinbacher said.

“It may well be the case this young woman has run into a stranger or potentially a person known to her and circumstances have unfolded that have led to her death."

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