Knife Wielding Woman To Walk Free After Terrifying Attack On Teen

Judge praises police for ending things “non-violently”.

Clara Moussa will walk out of jail in just eight days after a court decided she’s been behind bars long enough thanks to time already served.

The 29-year-old has been in prison since threatening two strangers with a kitchen knife. She brandished it at a woman and held it to the throat of a 13-year-old boy on a Wentworthville street a little over a year ago.

The incident in July last year was captured on camera with a police officer managing to sneak up behind Moussa and drag her away from the boy before he was seriously hurt.

“I've been thinking to kill someone for the past six months. I've been suppressing it, I've been suppressing it suppressing it and today's the day” she can be heard saying.

“I want to kill someone, I want to kill someone, I've suppressed it and now it's to let it out. I'm an ice addict, I'm an ice addict alright.”

A court heard while the drug ‘ice’ was a trigger Moussa’s schizophrenia and other mental illnesses were to blame.

“It must be very had to be driven by voices in your head that you can’t control that drove her to act in the fashion here,” Judge John Pickering said.

“There is almost no moral culpability in someone who doesn’t even know what they’re doing.”

The judge accepted Moussa wasn’t in control and said while her condition would always mean she’s a potential danger to the community he was satisfied she’d served her time.

Footage Of Knife-Wielding Woman

He handed down an overall sentence of two years and two months with a 15 month non parole period. Making Moussa eligible for release in eight days.

Judge Pickering also praised police, commenting that life threatening encounters involving mentally ill people and authorities don’t always end so smoothly.

“They are to be commended for their courage that they display on this day – and the way they carefully dealt with this incident in a non-violent way.”

Moussa’s family were in court to support her and were also praised by the judge for their efforts in trying to keep a very unwell young woman out of trouble.

“They will do everything to assist her... they are the human face of dealing with the tragedy that mental illness can bring to a family.”

She’ll be closely monitor for the next 11 months while on parole.