Cop Crash Grandma Gai Vieira Opens Eye

The Sydney Grandmother left in a coma when a speeding police vehicle slammed into her car has opened one eye and can squeeze the hands of her loved ones.

Gai Vieira has been moved out of intensive care in Sydney's St George Hospital, following the September crash in Cronulla where a marked patrol car t-boned her Mercedes at a speed of up to 124 km/h.

"She's still in a coma," said her husband Bert Vieira.

"The other day, she opened one eye. Obviously it's blank, she can't see anything, but the movement is there. It scared me when she opened her eyes. But it's a positive sign."

"She's still flickering her eyes, she's still trying every time to open. It's been very hard for her."

"Sometimes you can see the pain she's in, because she's had a lot of broken parts in her body, but that will heal. We can't give her too much medication for pain, because then she won't come out of it and respond."

"We ask her 'are you in pain?' and she squeezes our hand, so we know she is, we can't do nothing about it. We need her to feel the pain so she'll wake up."

The crash at Cronulla in September left Gai Vieira in a coma PHOTO: Ten Eyewitness News

The Senior Constable who was driving the police vehicle will face court on November 12, charged with dangerous driving occasioning grievous bodily harm.

The 40-year-old officer is also having his duty status reviewed.

NSW Police policy requires officers on urgent duty to activate their lights and sirens, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

The Vieira family has vowed to sue the NSW Police Force over the crash, and has demanded officers stop chasing drivers for mobile phone offences.

Trent, Bert and Cassandra Vieira speak to the media outside St. George Hospital. Photo AAP

Ms Vieira's grandson Tyler -- then aged two -- was in the back seat of her Mercedes, but survived the crash with only minor injuries.

Last Saturday, Bert Vieira's race horse Trapeze Artist finished in second place in "The Everest" at Royal Randwick.

Mr Vieira had not been planning to attend the race without his wife, but did so with the support of his children.

Bert Vieira congratulates Tye Angland after the jockey's ride on Trapeze Artist in "The Everest" at Royal Randwick. Photo: Getty